Due Diligence

The Stakeholder 360 is a research and consulting service on the opinions of an organization’s stakeholders. It helps organisations of every kind navigate the socio-political risks and opportunities in their stakeholder environments. Corporations and governments find it especially useful because it:

  • provides a complete list of stakeholders that goes beyond any one organization’s knowledge,
  • provides a complete list of stakeholder issues, concerns, or goals with various types of importance rankings,
  • matches clusters of stakeholders with clusters of issues to show who cares about what,
  • shows how much influence each stakeholder has in the stakeholder network,
  • shows alliances and divisions among stakeholders,
  • shows which issues are linked to each other in the minds of different clusters of stakeholders,
  • can predict impending conflicts or alliances in the network,
  • suggests a path towards the socio-political conditions that foster sustainable development.
Most of the barriers to sustainable development are socio-political, not technical. However, its takes some technical knowledge of socio-political matters to remove those barriers. The Stakeholder 360 provides that kind of knowledge by showing the pattern of  social capital in the network and comparing it with templates that indicate different types of remedial interventions.

This outstanding book offers you a fact-based strategy development process for managing issues and controversies.

If you’re a practitioner, it details how to ground your strategic advice on empirical research that reveals the sociopolitical dynamics of the issue. It is the first book to approach issues management from a blended application of advances in stakeholder theory and social network analysis. You’ll learn how to track the sociopolitical environment in order to (a) avoid risks and crises, (b) obtain essential environmental scanning information for strategy development or adjustment, and (c) secure the organization’s reputation and access to vital resources.

The techniques described in this book have proven effective in issues management projects around the world. They work equally well whether the stakeholders are illiterate subsistence villagers or Internet savvy global activists.

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Stakeholder Politics: Social Capital, Sustainable Development and The Corporation gives companies a “how to” guide for addressing the twin problems of maintaining political legitimacy, and promoting sustainable development. The text presents a typology of stakeholder networks that helps managers and community leaders identify and improve the social capital patterns in their own networks. Once they know these patterns, they can move their networks towards those that foster sustainable community development. The book describes vivid cases in which managers and community stakeholders have used the authors’ approach successfully, and in addition provides managers with handy tools for predicting and avoiding community-level socio-political risk around stakeholder issues. With its proven and practical approach, Stakeholder Politicspromises to be a valuable guide for managers and academics who are invested in sustainable development worldwide and stakeholder issues alike.

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