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Partnering for Local Development: An Independent Assessment of a Unique Corporate Social Responsibility and Community Relations Strategy Barrick Gold Corporation and its partners in the Pueblo Viejo project in the Dominican Republic have initiated an innovative and promising approach to the preparation and implementation of plans for longterm sustainable development within the communities that surround […]

Stakeholder Dialogues  is a learning space that is directed towards practitioners from the private sector, the public sector, and civil society organizations. It conveys the methodology that empowers you to make stakeholder collaboration work, face global challenges, and secure your competitiveness while operating in a sustainable way. Unlike conventional approaches, StakeholderDialogues.net equips you with an integrated […]

This report focuses on how corporate cultures in mining companies influence how well those companies manage conflict with local communities. It reflects the second stage of a research project initiated by the Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative at Harvard Kennedy School and conducted in collaboration with the Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining at the Sustainable […]

White paper describing “How IBM engages the workforce of a globally integrated enterprise.” Forbes story on New Rules for Global Business Leaders The Corporate Service Corps was launched in 2008 to help provide IBMers with high quality leadership development while delivering high quality problem solving for communities and organizations in emerging markets. The program empowers IBM employees […]

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Not for nothing does “Big Men,” Rachel Boynton’s astonishing documentary about the 2007 discovery of oil off the coast of Ghana, open with a quotation on greed from the economist Milton Friedman. Dropping us into a perfect storm of avarice, this cool and incisive snapshot of global capitalism at work is as remarkable for its access as for its refusal […]

This case study is about how Greenpeace used social media to foster change in Nestlé SA (Nestlé). Experts felt that the environmental protection group made clever use of social media and direct action against the European food processing giant. The campaign proved to have high impact, forcing Nestlé to clarify its stance on palm oil […]

Traces the history of IKEA’s response to a TV report that its Indian carpet suppliers were using child labor. Describes IKEA’s growth, including the importance of a sourcing strategy based on its close relationships with suppliers in developing countries. Details the development of IKEA’s strong culture and values that include a commitment “to create a […]

The Father of Spin is the first full-length biography of the legendary Edward L. Bernays, who, beginning in the 1920s, was one of the first and most successful practioners of the art of public relations. In this engrossing biography, Larry Tye uses Bernays’s life as a prism to understand the evolution of the craft of public […]