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Why the act of giving will get you a long way in business Wharton professor, Adam Grant, talks about why those who give are happier and will be the winners of the corporate world See story here Buy Adam’s book here

People from multinational corporations head off and volunteer for weeks or months in another country, leaving their work behind for others to do. Referred to as Global Pro Bono or International Corporate Volunteering, is this a feel-good thing, or is it really business-related? If you listen to executives at companies that sponsor international corporate volunteering […]

The GlobalEthicist – Do banks care about reputation risk? By Andrea Bonime-Blanc on Mar 5, 2014 Financial institutions are yet to address properly reputational risk, despite all the fall out from the crash in 2008, says Andrea Bonime-Blanc Read story here

Is Apple cleaning up its act on labour rights? Tough production schedules and slim margins lead to poor labour conditions in the electronics industry. Duncan Jefferies asks if progress is being made See story here

Not for nothing does “Big Men,” Rachel Boynton’s astonishing documentary about the 2007 discovery of oil off the coast of Ghana, open with a quotation on greed from the economist Milton Friedman. Dropping us into a perfect storm of avarice, this cool and incisive snapshot of global capitalism at work is as remarkable for its access as for its refusal […]

Tullow Opens Up in Coup for Transparency Advocates TRANSPARENCY There was a groundbreaking moment this week as Tullow Oil, a London-based, Africa-focused company, disclosed the payments it makes to foreign governments. In doing so, Tullow, a major player in the push for oil in Uganda, became a pioneer. It is the first oil or mining company to […]

You Want Human Rights With That? McDonald’s Serves Up Due Diligence on Human Rights By Amol Mehra, Esq., and Nicole Santiago Shareholders are using their voting power to join the movement for corporate accountability and the most recent company to serve up policies and practices on human rights in its operations may be just around […]

Ranking America’s Biggest Brands on Their Commitment to Deforestation-Free Palm Oil News story here with access to full report and methodological notes.