ACCESS Facility is a global nonprofit organisation that supports rights-compatible, interest-based problem solving to prevent and resolve conflicts between companies and communities. ACCESS explores better ways of working together among companies, communities and governments. It is a neutral space in which a broad range of stakeholders can learn, explore, share ideas, forge relationships, and find solutions that work for them.

ACCESS to reliable resources.

ACCESS Facility collects and curates a growing body of academic research, case studies, regulatory and institutional frameworks. It reflects both from practice and other resources on collaboration, preventative action, and conflict resolution.

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ACCESS to a community of practice.

ACCESS Facility creates a safe space for dialogue and points of view. It makes room for those who may be skeptical about non-judicial remedies and those who are already change agents in the communities.

ACCESS to new and actionable insight.

Both as a curator of resources and a convener of a broad-based community of practice, ACCESS helps crystallize critical questions to which parties need better and more practical answers and serves as a bridge between research partners and practitioners.

ACCESS to capacity-building and expert resources.

ACCESS Facility supports skills development for local communities and civil society organizations, companies, third-party neutrals, and other players through regional capacity-building and training programs.

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ACCESS is supported by The Hague Institute for Global Justice and housed at its premises.