Augure’s mission

Our aim is to provide PR and communication professionals with a software that will help them:

  • UNDERSTAND what is said about their brands in the media and on social networks.
  • IDENTIFY the opinion leaders that really matter in their industry OR Key opinion leaders who really count in the industry.
  • IMPROVE the impact of their campaigns
  • MEASURE the ROI of their actions.

Our trade secret

We design and develop our solutions being fed by our customers expectations.

How do they do it?

  • 1

    While project- planning

    they can count on in-depth information concerning all of the stakeholders and influencers in their sector.

  • 2

    While a campaign is in progress,

    teams log in to a shared workspace that lets them synchronize their actions(content distributions, event management, meetings…) no matter where they are.


  • 3

    When the time comes to evaluate their reputation,

    they access to accurate indicators, in order to track the evolution of their company’s reputation in the media and on social networks.

  • 4

    When a crisis occurs,

    teams are alerted immediately and can quickly identify the key influencers involved in the discussion in order to deploy a timely and appropriate action plan.

  • 5

    In an international context,

    they are able to benchmark the performance of different countries and different brands using transversal and consistent criteria.