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Stakeholder Dialogues  is a learning space that is directed towards practitioners from the private sector, the public sector, and civil society organizations. It conveys the methodology that empowers you to make stakeholder collaboration work, face global challenges, and secure your competitiveness while operating in a sustainable way. Unlike conventional approaches, StakeholderDialogues.net equips you with an integrated […]

Managers not MBAs Homepage I have prepared this website in response to requests for information on my background and my writings. To the right, you can click to some of my papers, interviews, and talks, including several videos. Some of my personal interests are also included (short stories and beaver sculptures). There are also links […]

Prendo’s Managing Stakeholders simulation is derived from a simulation that was originally commissioned by Shell. The simulation has been used across many industries and also by numerous public sector organisations. It brings to life the universal leadership challenge of gaining buy-in and approval across a range of interested parties that are likely to have different […]

HOW TO NEGOTIATE ACROSS CULTURES by Zacharias Beckman on April 2, 2014 in Business Culture, Communication Understanding how to negotiate in any business setting, around the world, is a fantastic skill. It takes a depth of perception about the people you are working with as well as the business culture you are immersed in. Communication is the most obvious global communication […]

Playmaker Systems, based in Bethesda, MD, is an innovator in the industries of communications, social media, marketing, sales, politics and military information operations.  With our patented decision systems and applications, we help professionals analyze and anticipate the moves of their marketplaces for increased command-and-control and faster time-to-influence. Our standard-setting Playcaller™ Influence Decision App,Social Play Tracker™, Play Action Map™, Playmaker Academy™, Playmaker Wargame™ and other services are based on The Standard Table of Influence™.  […]

Keep track.  EnviroLytical helps you organize contacts, conversations, outreach activities and more. Whether you have 200 or 20,000 project contacts, EnviroLytical helps you manage your data to ensure accurate and consistent record-keeping. Sophisticated features save you time by streamlining data entry, validating information, and removing duplicates. Know what it means. EnviroLytical provides ways to tag, filter and report what people […]

Gensuite LLC is the exclusive world-wide licensee and service provider for Gensuite®, a suite of award-winning, integrated Web applications enabling compliance and Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) excellence. As a result of over 12 years of Six Sigma EHS digitization innovation, Gensuite now consists of over 60 modules spanning the entire EHS spectrum. Additional modules serve functions […]

The core purpose of Stakeware is to help companies work with their stakeholders to effectively drive their sustainability and corporate responsibility strategy. StakeWare on-demand software provides a holistic and systematic way to engage with your stakeholders, drive organizational awareness and alignment, and respond to the most important issues of your entire stakeholder community. Built on salesforce.com’s […]

Darzin helps governments and companies of all sizes understand, structure and implement great stakeholder engagement processes. We really “get” Stakeholder Engagement. Most of our team have worked in the stakeholder engagement field at senior levels, leading projects and teams, training people, writing government guidelines and more. Find out how we can help you improve your stakeholder relationships. […]

Welcome The Praxis Group™ specializes in public and stakeholder consultation, survey and market research, socio-economic impact assessment, and strategic advisory consulting. Our clients draw from the public, private and non-profit sectors. Over the course of nearly thirty years, our projects have ranged from one-day workshops to multi-year, regional, national, and international assignments. At Praxis, we […]