The Stakeholder Circle ® is designed to enhance the management of a business unit, organizational activity, or project’s stakeholder community to the benefit of the stakeholders and the activity. It is a proven methodologysupported by robust, easy to use tools.

In five easy steps Stakeholder Circle helps you to:

  1. Identify your activity’s stakeholders and understand their needs
  2. Prioritize the stakeholders
  3. Map their profile
  4. Develop an engagement strategy
  5. Monitor changes over time as you update and review the SH community at major change points in the activity

What is Stakeholder Circle

To see how effective this stakeholder management methodology is, you can log into a free version of the Stakeholder Circle database for a 30 day trial, or preview the simpler template, or Excel spreadsheet. The tools are pre-loaded with sample data from the ‘Paradise Utility Corporation‘ (download the PDF case study). The trial database includes a project file populated with sample data and one clean file for you to create your own project data.


How does it work?

To assist in developing an effective stakeholder mapping and management system for your organization, we have developed an integrated range of products and services. Our overall system includes: