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The Partnering Initiative is dedicated to driving widespread, systematic and effective collaboration between civil society, government and companies towards a sustainable future. We have been supporting cross-sector and multi-stakeholder collaborations for over 20 years, promoting partnering standards and improving partnership innovation, reach and impact. TPI works with all sectors to promote and develop effective collaboration, […]

Risk-based approach to social compliance programs can improve human rights conditions in supply chains EY approach addresses complexities of corporate social compliance programs and offers new framework for identifying and mitigating dangerous working conditions that persist around in the world See press release here or EY site here

Valuing social, environmental, tax and economic impacts means that business is now able to compare the total impacts of their decisions and manage the trade-offs. Find out Businesses face complex decisions everyday. But how do they evaluate the optimal approach? Or understand which of their stakeholders are affected by their choices?What would you do? Explore […]

Playmaker Systems, based in Bethesda, MD, is an innovator in the industries of communications, social media, marketing, sales, politics and military information operations.  With our patented decision systems and applications, we help professionals analyze and anticipate the moves of their marketplaces for increased command-and-control and faster time-to-influence. Our standard-setting Playcaller™ Influence Decision App,Social Play Tracker™, Play Action Map™, Playmaker Academy™, Playmaker Wargame™ and other services are based on The Standard Table of Influence™.  […]

The core purpose of Stakeware is to help companies work with their stakeholders to effectively drive their sustainability and corporate responsibility strategy. StakeWare on-demand software provides a holistic and systematic way to engage with your stakeholders, drive organizational awareness and alignment, and respond to the most important issues of your entire stakeholder community. Built on salesforce.com’s […]

Welcome The Praxis Group™ specializes in public and stakeholder consultation, survey and market research, socio-economic impact assessment, and strategic advisory consulting. Our clients draw from the public, private and non-profit sectors. Over the course of nearly thirty years, our projects have ranged from one-day workshops to multi-year, regional, national, and international assignments. At Praxis, we […]

The company Boréalis, founded in 2004, is the result of a unique concept combined with an innovative approach. Boréalis was first created after the founders saw a huge gap on the ground in social and environmental impact management in the context of large international infrastructure projects such as those found in the mining and oil […]