The company Boréalis, founded in 2004, is the result of a unique concept combined with an innovative approach.

Boréalis was first created after the founders saw a huge gap on the ground in social and environmental impact management in the context of large international infrastructure projects such as those found in the mining and oil & gas industries.

Over the years, Boréalis team members have realized that good communication and efficient data transmission between the site teams and corporate management are key conditions for companies to achieve better social and environmental outcomes.

Therefore, a key focus for the company is to bridge the gap between projects, or site-based operations, and corporate strategy and reporting in the mining and oil & gas industries.

As a result, Boréalis offers a holistic solution that combines expertise in the mining and oil & gas sectors with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) software. We provide integration services to streamline our clients’ business processes and ensure that they are equipped to fulfil their sustainability and CSR commitments.

The BoréalisIMSTM suite includes several personalized products and services that meet the social and environmental performance needs of our clients :

  •  Modules adapted to their needs and the particularities of their projects throughout the world.
  • Tailor-made support services, which include defining business processes, implementing and integrating them, as well as providing support, customer services and adapted training for various types of users.
  • Mobile applications that enable the remote acquisition of data from the field using BoréalisIMSTM.