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Not for nothing does “Big Men,” Rachel Boynton’s astonishing documentary about the 2007 discovery of oil off the coast of Ghana, open with a quotation on greed from the economist Milton Friedman. Dropping us into a perfect storm of avarice, this cool and incisive snapshot of global capitalism at work is as remarkable for its access as for its refusal […]

Tullow Opens Up in Coup for Transparency Advocates TRANSPARENCY There was a groundbreaking moment this week as Tullow Oil, a London-based, Africa-focused company, disclosed the payments it makes to foreign governments. In doing so, Tullow, a major player in the push for oil in Uganda, became a pioneer. It is the first oil or mining company to […]

In this unique book – part memoir, part confessional, part manifesto for leadership – we hear a leading voice from the front line of corporate responsibility.   The ultimate insider’s view of corporate responsibility and ethics from the boardrooms of some of the world’s largest corporations New ideas on how to seek collaborative solutions to the […]

Access Shell’s internal review of the case here

This film interweaves three stories about companies and communities that have found themselves in varying degrees of conflict and looked for a way out through dialogue. In each instance, the parties to the conflict used a neutral third-party mediator to help them craft a process through which they could address concerns and progressively resolve their […]