Managers not MBAs


I have prepared this website in response to requests for information on my background and my writings.

To the right, you can click to some of my papers, interviews, and talks, including several videos. Some of my personal interests are also included (short stories and beaver sculptures). There are also links to two of my books, one of which (The Flying Circus) can be seen in full.

Above is a direct link to the full text of my e-pamphlet, about Rebalancing Society. You can also connect below to several programs we have developed for practicing managers; I am involved in both design and delivery.

Click on top to see the list of all my articles (including direct links to most), commentaries, and books, as well as a résumé and contact information.

I am currently completing a monograph entitled Managing the Myths of Health Care, and we are preparing a MOOC for edX about “Social Learning for Social Action.” Mihaela Firsirotu, Yvan Allaire, and I have been preparing a collection entitled “Canadians on Balance.”