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Why the act of giving will get you a long way in business Wharton professor, Adam Grant, talks about why those who give are happier and will be the winners of the corporate world See story here Buy Adam’s book here

Managers not MBAs Homepage I have prepared this website in response to requests for information on my background and my writings. To the right, you can click to some of my papers, interviews, and talks, including several videos. Some of my personal interests are also included (short stories and beaver sculptures). There are also links […]

In this unique book – part memoir, part confessional, part manifesto for leadership – we hear a leading voice from the front line of corporate responsibility.   The ultimate insider’s view of corporate responsibility and ethics from the boardrooms of some of the world’s largest corporations New ideas on how to seek collaborative solutions to the […]

In their new book The Social Entrepreneur’s Playbook: Pressure Test, Plan, Launch and Scale Your Social Enterprise, Wharton professor Ian C. MacMillan and Dr. James Thompson, director of the Wharton Social Entrepreneurship Program, provide a tough-love approach that significantly increases the likelihood of a successful social enterprise launch in the face of the high-uncertainty conditions typically […]

The In-Your-Face, Results-Focused, No-“Kumbaya” Guide to Social Media for Business!  Detailed techniques for increasing sales, profits, market share, and efficiency Specific solutions for brand-building, customer service, R&D, and reputation management Facts, statistics, real-world case studies, and rock-solid metrics Stop hiding from social media–or treating it as if it’s a playground. Start using it strategically. Identify […]

Building and protecting their company’s reputation in a fast moving, global economy has moved to the top of the agenda for CEOs and boards. Reputation Rules offers the frameworks, strategies, and processes for building a capability to master this challenge.

Corporate Community Involvement offers the first-ever roadmap to strategic community involvement. Building on their extensive experience, Nick Lakin and Veronica Scheubel have designed this book to be practical—for those who want to act upon what they read. The book’s advice is backed by inspiring interviews with best-in-class practitioners from businesses like Microsoft, GlaxoSmithKline, Ericsson—as well as […]

Corporate–community relations in poor, unstable countries is an area fraught with problems for managers despite the best intentions. Based on seven years of on-the-ground research, this book will help corporate managers get it right. Buy book here

Every day, managers must adapt to rapidly changing markets and situations. This book deals with sensitive or difficult projects. They range from redundancy programmes to disposal of radioactive waste, from the launch of a new product to the introduction of a new computer system. The method – the strategy of the lateral project – is […]