PRIMA helps executives and public officials manage high-impact risks and opportunities in socio-political systems in order to identify and influence stakeholder coalitions to influence public policy and corporate reputation.


Mission Statement

PRIMA identifies and quantifies high-impact risks and high-yield opportunities in complex sociopolitical and infrastructure systems. We provide our clients with actionable insights by analyzing vast quantities of data to identify the stakeholder positions with the greatest potential impact on financial performance or mission attainment.

Markets We Serve

PRIMA’s clients share a common concern: the profound impact that critical stakeholder coalitions or complex system interactions may have on financial performance or mission attainment. Whether the system in question is…

  1. Bullet a political system in which policymakers with different powers seek to accommodate organized interest groups with different priorities, or
  2. Bullet a social system in which organized interest groups attempt to shape the perceptions of ordinary consumers and voters

PRIMA assists private executives and public officials by identifying the stakeholder coalitions or infrastructure system architectures toward which limited risk mitigation resources can be most effectively directed.

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NB: Witold J. Henisz is a principal in PRIMA LLC